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7 Schwaben7 Schwaben Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
Bad SkidBad Skid Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
Brighton UltimateBrighton Ultimate Great Britain Roster  Scoreboard  Games
Cambo CakesCambo Cakes Netherlands Roster  Scoreboard  Games
Chevron Action FlashChevron Action Flash Great Britain Roster  Scoreboard  Games
Clapham UltimateClapham Ultimate Great Britain Roster  Scoreboard  Games
CUSB La FottaCUSB La Fotta Italy Roster  Scoreboard  Games
EMOEMO Great Britain Roster  Scoreboard  Games
Fire of LondonFire of London Great Britain Roster  Scoreboard  Games
Flying Angels BernFlying Angels Bern Switzerland Roster  Scoreboard  Games
FreespeedFreespeed Switzerland Roster  Scoreboard  Games
FriselisFriselis France Roster  Scoreboard  Games
FusionFusion Great Britain Roster  Scoreboard  Games
GentleGentle Belgium Roster  Scoreboard  Games
Heidees OpenHeidees Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
Helsinki UltimateHelsinki Ultimate Finland Roster  Scoreboard  Games
LOLLOL Hungary Roster  Scoreboard  Games
Mor Ho!Mor Ho! Slovakia Roster  Scoreboard  Games
Raging Seagulls DCRaging Seagulls DC Sweden Roster  Scoreboard  Games
RagnarokRagnarok Denmark Roster  Scoreboard  Games
SilenceSilence Czech Republic Roster  Scoreboard  Games
Skogs UltimateSkogs Ultimate Sweden Roster  Scoreboard  Games
TheBigEZTheBigEZ Austria Roster  Scoreboard  Games
Ultimate VibrationUltimate Vibration France Roster  Scoreboard  Games
CUSB DDTCUSB DDT Italy Roster  Scoreboard  Games
E6E6 Sweden Roster  Scoreboard  Games
EyecatchersEyecatchers Austria Roster  Scoreboard  Games
Heidees LadiesHeidees Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
Hot BeachesHot Beaches Czech Republic Roster  Scoreboard  Games
IceniIceni Great Britain Roster  Scoreboard  Games
LotusLotus Switzerland Roster  Scoreboard  Games
Primavera OlandesePrimavera Olandese Netherlands Roster  Scoreboard  Games
SYCSYC Great Britain Roster  Scoreboard  Games
WoodchicasWoodchicas Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games