EUCF11 in Bruges

Dear European Ultimate Federations,

The CSC was able to make the next important step in the complex planning of the EUCS season 2011! We are very happy to announce that the EUCF 2011 will be played in the city of Bruges, Belgium, from Sept. 30th to Oct. 2nd.

As decided with the new EUCS structure, the EUCF 2011 will be played by 24 Open teams (divided in 8 Elite and 16 Challenger) and 10 Women ones. Please check the various regional subpages in order to see how EUCF bids are distributed among the regions.

The CSC assigned the EUCF to a very experience organizing committee. For 19 years the Bruges' Ultimate club Freezzz Beezzz has been running Tom's Tourney, what has become one of the most important and competitive tournaments in Western Europe. In order to get a better insight of the venue and the organization standards, please check the Tom's Tourney ( website and the videos.

The venue consists of 9 top quality football fields all on one site. Since one Ultimate field will be made per football field, there will be plenty of space for warming up and for spectators, still keeping a 5m safety area on the sidelines. Please notice that the poles at the end of the fields cannot be removed and the safety distance won’t be 5m from them. Fields will be of regular length with a tolerance of maximum 4%. For the safety of the players the poles will be protected and the goal nets removed.

We are still looking for bidders for the EUCR-C, EUCR-S and EUCR-N, which must be run between beginning of July and beginning of September. If you have a suitable location with 6 good quality Ultimate fields, please contact us asap. The bidding process for the EUCR-W and EUCR-E has already been closed.

Announcements about these tournaments will follow soon.
Looking forward to another great EUCS season!

Ciao Oddi,
CSC Chair